Aladdin – “Laddy”

Aladdin was rescued in April of 2013 with fractures in both hind limbs, a fractured tail, and twelve missing teeth. Aladdin was emaciated and in desperate need of veterinary care and a loving family. Aladdin’s rescue was only the beginning of a very long journey to health and happiness. Thanks to the quick thinking of a local shelter with good connections, Aladdin was put into the foster care of Lilo’s Promise Animal Rescue. Aladdin’s foster mom did everything possible to make sure that he received necessary veterinary care and a warm, safe foster home environment. “Laddy,” as he came to be known, even received rehabilitative care while his bones healed, including water therapy and laser therapy.

Aladdin has a special, nurturing personality, and is very social, making him a great candidate for work as a therapy dog. It wasn’t long before Laddy became a Certified Therapy Dog through Therapy Dogs, Inc. He enjoys going to local schools and interacting with students with special needs, as well as being part of a human education/bullying program for the students. Aladdin has been able to spread his joy through many opportunities, including those with Show Your Soft Side, Ronald McDonald House Charities, State Farm, and Lilo’s Promise Animal Rescue.

Although Aladdin is on the path to wellness, his journey is not complete. He spends much of his time these days confined to a cart designed to help with his mobility, and cannot walk properly unless he is supported. Aladdin is in need of surgery to both of his knees to correct grade 4 medial patella luxations (MPLs) and stifle deformities. The severity of these injuries requires surgical correction, and should help Aladdin on the path to full mobility. Laddy will need two separate surgeries to correct his knees, consisting of corrective osteotomies, block recessions, joint imbrication, and medial soft tissue release. Following the surgeries, staged 8 to 12 weeks apart, Aladdin will also undergo rigorous physical rehabilitation to help him recover function and heal appropriately.

Aladdin was referred to Project GO (Global Orthopedics for Animals) to assist with the funding needed to complete these surgeries and a referral to a qualified veterinary surgical team. Luckily, Project GO has taken on Aladdin’s needs, but we can’t do it without you!