Chai was approximately 2 years old when she was surrendered to Bay Water Animal Rescue from her original owner that lived in Montgomery County. Her original owner was on a search to locate a no-kill shelter when she landed upon Bay Water Animal Rescue which is located in Dorchester County. Typically Bay Water Animal Rescue does not accept out of county surrenders, but Chai’s description had all of their hearts melting. When she arrived at the rescue she was just as sweet as can be! She loved every single person, dog, and even cats she met! Her owner mentioned that Chai had some “knee arthritis” which the rescue understood could likely be managed. However, when they got Chai out and moving around, they noticed she was very unstable in both of her back legs. After a further evaluation from a local veterinarian, it was discovered that Chai did not have “knee arthritis” and was diagnosed with bilateral luxating patellas. Bay Water Animal Rescue brought her to Dr. Chris Leasure at VOSM for an orthopedic consultation where he confirmed the diagnosis of bilateral luxating patellas. Bay Water Animal Rescue was able to fundraise over $4,000 towards the two separate surgeries Chai desperately needed, but unfortunately still needed additional funding. Project GO stepped in to help with the remaining funding required for Chai’s second surgery and she is currently recovering well with her foster family. We recently received word that the foster family is officially going to “foster fail” and formally adopt Chai into their home once she is fully recovered!